Sunday, May 8, 2011

Paradise in guthrie

I'm sitting in mallory and trey's beautiful little cabin getting tired even though we rode 0 miles today. Yesterday when we got into town Hannah called trey or mallory not sure which and she said we were gonna find a place to swim before coming to find the house. I think Trey said well there's a pond here you guys could swim in... When Hannah broke the news we all thought she was joking. We were sitting at the Guthrie bikeshop (the first stop when we got to town-- bill's collection of tubes littered with patches was starting to get crazy. Six flats before we even left the campsite in mobeetie, TX) and I was pretty bored obviously because I've had 0 flats and therefore had no shopping to do, and so when Hannah told us the news of the pond we were quick to get on our bikes and head for our second stop, another very important stop in every town that we visit, the ice cream store, usually a gas station but this time we got Brahms. Pretty luxurious. When left the bikeshop the owner came out to wave us off and give us free cliff bars. His name was Kent I think.

So we ate shakes or drank them or whatever and rode bAck through town all noticing the digital sign in front of the bank that informed us it wAs 90 degrees which encouraged us along toward the pond. Trey met us on the road and as we got onto a dirt road somebody road up behind us on a cool old Honda moped. There's mallory, Trey said. With the moped and the dirt road and treys funky fold up bike and pony tail and mallorys summer ish clothes riding along behind us on the dirt road Trey and Mallory looked incredibly cool (this was the first time we had met them). And they were our age!.. i guess it was not what we expected out in the middle of no where in Oklahoma. I was very excited about what was happening. We rode along in the dirt the trees seemed to get thicker And our smiles wider and we came into Trey and mallory's small paradise. ("the cabana club" was the name of the lake when it used to be a public swimming hole). Though hardly is it small. Sure the cabin is quaint and it's beauty was not in it's size-- it felt like a home I would like to make if i was living with a loved one in the woods near water (don't worry leora I took notes), but the pond was hArdly a pond. More a lake. Or a walden pond. Minutes after we happily and firmly tossed down our bikes, An action I take greAt joy in after a long dAy, we were flinging ourselves off the dock and it wAs easily one of the best moments of the trip. It felt so good. I yelled to Hannah and bill who were still on shore "we might need to stay here!" mallory who was walking back to the cabin heard
Me and yelled back that we could stay for as long as we want. If only she knew that the premise of the book I am reading-- magic mt-- is a short visit, 3 weeks ?, turning into 7 years...

Ok reAl tired now.

They cooked us a huge feast and we loved them and I don't mean past tense only there and we ate under the stars, watched a grin of a moon set and drank some sangria they mAde. They told us of their recent bike trip and their hopes and dreams for the future and we did the sAme. Bill and I slept outside under a dark moonless sky and as hoped for, we just couldn't leave today. We plan to leave at sunrise tomorrow toward Tulsa where we will be on Tuesday, but if 7 years goes by and we cannot be found, we're at the cabana club and we're having a great time.