Saturday, May 14, 2011

fallsville, AR

this will be short, but we're sitting in the 1 stop market in fallsville, Arkansas. It's sort of raining and it's cold, which we did not expect (we've all been talking about sending our warm clothes home). We've had some great nights recently--- not much time to do them any justice here, but we had a great (crazy) time in Tulsa, OK with Ryder Spar, a guy who we were sent to by Mallory and Trey in Guthrie. He was a great host and showed us a great time... it was quite amusing when he went to get groceries at 7:00pm and returned after nine inebriated. It was quite funny. He proceeded to cook us a great dinner-- fajitas and hot dogs. We were then convinced to go to the bar sound pony and participate in trivia.... which was fun... when we were forced to send up a team member to dance for a  trivia dance contest, Ryder was very eager and did some sweet surf moves. The judges weren't that into it, but we loved it. THe dance was the last time I saw Ryder-- he disappeared and we got a ride with his friends. It was hilarious.

Then to Hulbert, OK Chris and Denise--- one of our favourite stops! CHris and denise run a lavender farm/soap making business and Denise dyes yarn and knits. We arrived at their house just before a huge thunder storm came in. They cooked us an amazing meal and we just loved talking with them. YOu can read about our visit on Denise's blog---- (we were delighted by this--- we all just read it together)

THen to Fayetteville with John and Patti, another wonderful stay with some wonderful people. THey cooked us a salmon dinner and we had wine and it just was a very luxurious wonderful night.

Alright! Gotta let the others check email and whatnot on this computer while we wait for our breakfast sandwiches.