Sunday, May 1, 2011


We're in dalhart, Texas stuck w rain and snow and wind. LAst few days were long but good. Slept under a bridge on the way to conchas lake from las Vegas NM. Bc of wind and sunset we didn't make it and thought the dry creek bed under bridge was best spot. Wind picked up in the night and I thought we'd blow away. Next day we rode on through tucumcari, NM and a huge dust cloud. The wind blew us to ute lake in Logan, NM where we found a great motel run by a sympathetic woman named lordis and her cousin Linda. LindA drove us to the lake and we went swimming despite the freezing water and 50 mph winds. Back in the hotel room we were thrilled to watch the lifetime movie cAlled "William and Kate" based on the romantic history of prince william and his wife Kate (congrats to William and Kate, by the way. Their story touched my heArt). We were even more thrilled by our next feAture: "con air," a personAl favorite.

On toward Texas yesterdAy. En route we saw many scissortAiled flycatchers, which might be the coolest birds Ive ever seen. So far, Texas smells like cowshit and there seem to be more cows thAn people. And yesterdAy I asked bill if it snows here And he said probably and now we know for sure.

We're in the sands restaurant headed for Dumas tomorrow. Probably, bill says.

That's all. We miss everyone, especially on days like this! Luckily we were able to watch spiderman 3 this morning in our hotel and we saw a commercial for "the perfect storm" which will be on at 7. So we should be ok. Unfortunately the local movie theater was turned into A church recently, which I can't imagine was a decision made by the big guy. Anyways. Adios !